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Palisades Pirates Youth Football



2022 Football Teams


Palisades Pirates Youth Football (PPYF) is a member of the Colonial Youth Football League (CYFL). Practices for the 2022 season will start the week of July 25.  The first game of the season will be August 21.  For a full game schedule, please visit the Calendar Page.


Teams will be made up as follows: All ages are as of Sept 1, 2022.


Rookie Flag Football

  • 4 & 5 year olds
  • cannot turn 6 before Sept 1st
  • flag football (non-contact)
  • non-competitive (scoring not kept at games)


Competitive Flag Football

  • 6 & 7 year olds
  • cannot turn 8 before Sept 1st
  • flag football (non-contact)
  • competitive


Junior Varsity (JV) Tackle Football

  • 8 & 9 year olds
  • cannot turn 10 before Sept 1st
  • tackle football
  • 100lb max to run the ball and 130 lb cap


Varsity Tackle Football

  • 10, 11 & 12 year olds in 6th grade
  • tackle football
  • 120lb max to run the ball and 150 lb cap
  • 12 year olds in 7th grade may play, but cannot weigh more than 105 lb
  • There must be documentation provided to the league that shows the grade of the 12 year olds.  If nothing is provided to the league then that child will be designated as a 7th grader and has to weigh 105 lb to play.



2022 Coaching Staff


Varsity Tackle Football


Coaches: John Haubert, Jake Winsor, Chris Ruvo, Brad Hunter, Randy Campbell

Team Mom: Laura Deppe/Sarah Haubert


Junior Varsity Tackle Football


Coaches: John Haubert, Ahmad Zahedi, Matthew Deluca

Team Mom: Sarah Haubert


Rookie/Competitive Flag Football


Coaches: Nick Tumolo, Matt Snyder, David Bryan

Team Mom: Melanie Tumolo



Equipment Player Must Supply


  • Rookie/Competitive Flag - Cleats and mouthpiece with strap
  • Junior Varsity/Varsity Tackle Football - Cleats, mouthpiece with strap and athletic supporter/cup
  • Equipment questions? Please contact your coach.



Uniform Cleaning Tips


  • Practice pants, game pants, and jerseys can be cleaned /soaked using Cascade dishwasher detergent, Oxi Clean, or Clorox 2 and scrub brush.
  • Game uniforms can be cleaned using regular laundry detergent and pre-soaking prior to washing. Air dry the football jerseys and pants.
  • NEVER use bleach on any of the clothing items, including white practice pants and game jerseys.